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Funeral Moth Recent News

December 4th 2016
New interview by Todestrieb Records. We talked about the latest album "transience" and more.
June 4th 2016
12" vinyl version of "transience" album will be released by Throne records from Spain, and Cassette version by Dogma Artistic Guerrilla from Malaysia. More details will be announced soon.
March 13th 2016
Digi-CD version of our 2nd album "transience" is released from Weird Truth Productions. You can order it from here.
January 29th 2016
Title track of 2nd album "transience" streaming at Decibel Magazine

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Funeral Moth Shows

12th August 2018 / Asakusa Gold Sounds, Tokyo / Asakusa Extreme vol.47 Primitive Obsession Japan Tour 2018
12th August 2018 / Asakusa Gold Sounds, Tokyo / Asakusa Extreme vol.47 Primitive Obsession Japan Tour 2018
w/ Anatomia, Moenos and Shambles.
20th October 2018 / WildSide, Tokyo / Monolithe Japan tour 2018
20th October 2018 / WildSide, Tokyo / Monolithe Japan tour 2018
w/ Coffins, Monolithe, Presence of Souls and Sunday Bloody Sunday.


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Funeral Moth Biography

Funeral Moth was formed by Nobuyuki Sentou(ex-Coffins/ex-Psycho To Black), Makoto Fujishima(ex-deathchurch/de-nihil/Autumn Stillness), and Junpei Ishimaru(Morquido) in Autumn 2005. Funeral Moth's debut live was held on May 3rd 2006 and shared the stage with some international bands like StarGazer(Aus), Gallhammer, Intestine Baalism and so on. In November 2006, they recorded 1st demo at Noise Room Studio, at which Nobuyuki recorded many stuffs as Coffins/Psycho To Black member. "The Moth Flying to the Funeral Sky" was released by Makoto's own label Weird Truth Productions.

In the end of 2007, Junpei left the band because he was too much busy for his own personal life. Soon after he was replaced by Yuichiro Azegami(Brob/Realized). With this new lineup, they re-recorded 2 songs on demo and which was released as first CD EP in June 2008. In June 2008, they shared the stage with German doom cult Worship in Tokyo.

In July 2010, they toured with Australian doom band Mournful Congregation. During this tour, Takafumi Matsubara(ex-Gridlink/ex-Mortalized) played with us as a special guest. After the tour, they started to seek permanent 2nd guitar player and finally in January 2012 Mayo Odium(Dogoh/ex-Ssorc/ex-stabat Mater) joined.

In July 2013, Mayo Odium left the band and he's replaced by Tomohiro Kanja(Realm[Negativeaidguerrilla Realm]/Discrete Corporality/Realized). In February 2014, their 1st album "dense fog" was released and toured with Worship again.

In February 2015, they played in Taipei which was first time for them to play outside Japan. In May, 2008 self titled EP was released as 12" vinyl by Chinese label Psychedelic Lotus Order and 2x 12" vinyl version of dense fog album was released by Spanish Throne Records. In July, they played at Fearest Death Cult, which is the one of the biggest DIY extreme music festival held in Osaka. After that gig, Nobuyuki left the band to concentrate more on his own personal life. He was replaced by bass player Ryo Amamiya(ex-Juki) and they started to record 2nd album "transience", which will be released in March 2016 from Weird Truth Productions.

Makoto Fujishima : Guitar/Vocal
Tomohiro Kanja : Guitar
Ryo Amamiya - Bass
Yuichiro Azegami : Drums

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Funeral Moth Discography

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