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Profetus - Coronation of the Black Sun / Saturnine -  CD

Profetus coronation of the black sun / saturnine is out now! (Sept. 27, 2017)

Finnish funeral doom Profetus's 1st album "Coronation of the Black Sun"(2009) and 1st demo "Saturnine"(2007) reissue is out now! All tracks are remastered by Dan Lowndes from Resonance Sound Studio. Slow drumming guide you to the realm of the children of Saturn, sorrowful melodies combined with crushing power chords bring gloomy atmosphere, and the growling poet will lead you to the hall of coronation! The doomed codex are now dug up from the tomb in the bleak lakeside and see the light of the day again!

Imindain(UK) - The Enemy of Fetters and Dwellers in the Woods - CD

Imindain(UK) - The Enemy of Fetters and Dwellers in the Woods is out now. (Apr. 12th 2017)

In 2007, Imindain released 1st album "...And the Living Shall Envy the Dead" through Weird Truth Productions. In 2009, they released split CD with French doom/daeth Ataraxie, "Bethlehem Bastarde" as a tribute to German dark metal master "Bethlehem". After the release of the split, they had went on hiatus for some years. Finally in 2017, they came back with new EP "The Enemy of Fetters and Dweller in the Woods" as their final breath. Deep growling vocal and sorrowful clean vocal. Melancholic melodies and intense doom/death riffs. Combining light and darkness, they crafted mournful requiem of doom/death. Including the cover of mighty diSEMBOWELMENT.

Funeralium(Fra) - Of Throes and Blight - 2CD

Funeralium(Fra) - Of Throes and Blight - 2CD is out now. (Apr. 12th 2017)

3rd album of French extreme doom/death. Their previous album "Deceived Idealism" was double CD album, which contained 6 songs. This album is also double CD, which contains 4 doomed hymns over 90 minutes! Extremely slow suffocating rhythm accompanied by crushing doomed low freqency. Hypnotic minimalistic riffs with eerie harmonies. Deep growling and hysteric screams. They are still walking on the same doomed path of "Deceived Idealism". They are walking into much darker and bleaker realm of extreme doom/death!

Sol/Begräbnis - split - CD

SOL / Begräbnis split CD is out now! (Dec. 21st 2016)

SOL / Begräbnis split CD is out now! Danish doom/drone band Sol and Japanese industrial/ambient doom Begräbnis share a sliver disc to spread their darkest haunting sounds!

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Hyponic - 前行者 - digisleeve-CD

Hong Kong doom/daeth Hyponic's 3rd album "前行者" is out! (Aug. 10th 2016)

11 years after the release of their 2nd album "The Noise of Time", Hong Kong extreme doom/death master Hyponic finally unleash their 3rd album "前行者" to the doomed land in thwie 20th anniversary year. There are a lot of absurdities, injustice in this world of mortal life. This album shows us the vast darkness of our society.

The music on this album is in the same filed of extreme doom/death which you can find on their previous album, nihilistic doomed riffs, subtle melancholic melodies, and gloomy atmospheric ambient parts. Perhaps, funeral doom/death is the easiest word to describe their music, but their unique ambient guitar works and song writing is much more than that. Feel the darkest depth of human absurdities.

Funeral Moth - transience - digi-CD

Japanese extreme doom Funeral Moth's 2nd album "transience" is out now! (Mar. 13th, 2016)

2nd album of Japanese extreme doom. This release will be the first appearance of their new bass player Ryo Amamiya after the departure of founding member, Nobuyuki Sento.
Following the path of their previous melodic and tranquil slow doom album "dense fog”, they added various experimentations into their song writing - for example, one of the songs is written in "Rondo" format traditionally used on classical composition. These new attempts have made their music become much more dramatic and complex.

Tremendous agony in which we suffer on our transient mortal life; feeling of loss, endless sorrow, sense of emptiness and remorse. This album is dedicated to the voiceless dead who had returned to the tranquil ocean with mortal agony.

In Darkness We Are Doomed vol.5 - funeral moth - transience release gig, March 13th 2016 at Shimokitazawa Studio BAYD

Lifeblood - Shattered Wishes - digi-CD

Japanese depressive black/doom Lifeblood's 1st album "Shattered Wishes" is out now! (Sep. 20, 2015)

Japanese depressive black/doom trio Lifeblood's 1st album "Shattered Wishes" is finally out now! Their music combines depressive black metal, doom metal and some progressive elements. Having performed a number of gigs in Tokyo, they established their own style and recorded these 8 tracks of melancholy and depression. Album release gig will be held at Nakano Heavysick Zero on October 3rd. For the details of the gig, please check the link below.

In Darkness We Are Doomed vol.4 - Lifeblood - Shattered Wishes release gig, October 3rd 2015 at Nakano Heavysick Zero

Weird Truth Productions' new web site is launched. (Jan. 4, 2015)

Here's the new design of Weird Truth website.

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