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Ataraxie (Fra) / Imindain (UK) - Bethlehem Bastarde - CD

Ataraxie (Fra) / Imindain (UK) - Bethlehem Bastarde - CDSplit album featuring 2 doom/death bands who are releasing their albums on Weird Truth. On this split, they recorded the cover of German dark metal legend Bethlehem and their own brand new tracks only.....

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Imindain (UK) - And the Living Shall Envy the Dead - digi-CD

Imindain (UK) - And the Living Shall Envy the Dead - digi-CD1st album of UK mournful doom band Imindain, who started in 2002 and released 2 demos "Endless(2002)" and "Monolithium(2006)". This 1st album contains re-recording version of 3 son.....

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