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Oaken Throne - issue 6 - zine

Oaken Throne - issue 6 - zineFeatures interviews with Akitsa, Dead Raven Choir, Gnaw Their Tongues, Immolation, Lugubrum, Vargr, and more and compilation CD of all the bands interviewed in the zine.

価格:1,000円  |   枚数 :   |  
Occult Grinder (Jpn) - Issue 8 - zine

$bandname - $item_title - $item?_format日本の老舗メタルジンの最新号。Buio Omega, Herriot, Immured, Last Episode Productions, Morbid Records, Sad Legend, Saranath, Vodiferation Eternity, Witchery.Report of CSSO's central American tour plus tons of reviews.....

価格:400円  |   枚数 :   |  


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