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Himnos Rituales Deluetta (Col)
Issue 1 - zine

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コロンビアのファンジン。丁寧なレイアウトと、読みごたえのあるレビュー&インタビュー。いかにもアンダーグラウンドな作りのお勧めファンジン!Embalmed Souls, Evil Incarnate, Blood Storm, Usurper, Levifer, Nun Slaughter, Necrodeath, Hadez, Insision, Liber Spritum, deceased, Stargazer, Vital Remains, Incinerator, Disciples of Mockery, Atomozer, harmony Dies, Unholy Terror Magazine, Hate Plow, Impending Doom, Reign of Terror, Sinister, Malvolent Creation, Unleashed, Immolation, Bewitched, Grave Digger, Twisted Tower Dire. 英語、80ページ。.


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