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Sinister Downfall (Ger) - A Dark Shining Light - digi-CD

Sinister Downfall (Ger) - A Dark Shining Light - digi-CDn May 2020, with the help of two important doom labels Funere (Armenia) and Weird Truth Productions (Japan), the second Sinister Downfall album was released, entitled A DARK SHINING LIGHT.
Each of .....

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Sol (Dnk) / Begräbnis (Jpn) - split - digisleeve CD

Sol (Dnk) / Begräbnis (Jpn) - split - digisleeve CDDanish doom/drone Sol VS Japanese ambient/industrial doom Begräbnis.
Sol is a doom / drone band established by Emil Brahe in early 2000's, who have released many albums from various label.....

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Stargazer (Aus) - Occidentale Magick - T-shirts

Stargazer (Aus) - Occidentale Magick - T-shirtsT-shirts of Stargazer Japan Tour 2006. Front is full-color and back is one color. S, M, L, XL.

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