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About Weird Truth

Weird Truth was established in 1999. At that time, I did a one man band called Nyarlathotep, whose music was bizarre death/doom. A year or so before that, I got a contact from Woods of Gnome/Hurosoma who also did one man band in Osaka, which is 2nd biggest city in Japan. I found a kindred spirit in him, and we agreed to release a split tape. Then I started the label to release that split. At first, I had intended to release only my band's stuffs through WT, and I hadn't had any obvious concept what kind of bands I release.

A year later, I released "The True Ideal Realized through the Underground Pt.2" compilation CD. Its pt.1 was released by 3 Japanese labels, Bloodbath Records, Blow You Away Productions, and Underground Warder Productions, on which my band Nyarlathotep apperaed. After that I released some compilation stuffs in 2000.

In 2002, I released "The Dawning of Mournful Hymns" of Mournful Congregation, and it was something like a turning point for Weird Truth. I had already known about their music because I had their "Weeping" demo and "An Epic Dream of Desire" demo, and both had been my long time favorite demos(and they are still my favorite demos!). Soon after I heard from Mad Max of Worship, whose Japanese edition of 1st demo I released, that Worship would release a split with MC. Then I asked their contact to Max, then I contacted them to release something. It ended up releasing "The Dawning of Mournful Hymns", however Mad Max passed away before the release... By releasing it, many people started to regard WT as a doom label. In fact, I have released many death metal, thrash stuffs like Throneum, Crucified Mortals, Sanctifier, Basilisk, Deadly Spawn etc... Anyway doom or doom/death had been my favorite style before I started the label and WT have become a DOOM LABEL little by little after that.

Now it's almost 15 years has passed after I started this label. I'm very pround that some of the bands I released their stuffs through WT become much bigger than ever. However, WT is still a small DIY label run only by myself. I don't care if it's big or not, I just keep on supporting the bands I love and hope some of you enjoy the stuffs I release. Stay Doomed!

31st December 2014, Makoto Fujishima

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