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Barb Wire - The Aliens 2009 - A5 124 pages pro printed zine

Barb Wire - The Aliens 2009 - A5 124 pages pro printed zineA5 pro printed zine featuring interviews with Lantern, Morbius, Stargazer, Martial Barrage, Mefitic, Inkisitor, Grima Morstua. There are no reviews or column, only these interviews! But all interviews.....

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Blood Cult (USA) - Midwestern Occult - CDR

$bandname - $item_title - $item?_formatDemo collection ablum of US cult blackin' metal band. Their music is mixture of raw and intense fast black metal and occult heavy metal like Mercyful Fate/King Diamond.

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Bunkur (Hol) - Nullify - CD

Bunkur (Hol) - Nullify - CD2nd album of Holland's torturing doom. This album contains almost 80 minutes long 1 song. Minimal torture with repetitive noisy heavy riffs, extremely slow rhythm, and scream of torture.

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Vedonist (Pol) / Brainwashed (Pol) - Split - CDR

$bandname - $item_title - $item?_formatSplit CDR including 2 Polish bands. First is melodic death metal band Vedonist. Technical solos are impressive. Next is Brainwashed who plays old school power/thrash like Hallows Eve.


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