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Mournful Congregation (Aus)
The Monad Of Creation - CD

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Mournful Congregation (Aus) - The Monad Of Creation - CD

The long wait is finally over with incredible pleasure(depression?!). Long awaited their 2nd album is finally unleashed to this world of the hopeless! Extreme slowness and heaviness bring depression to the depth of your mind. Layered sorrowful melodies make your tears shed from your eyes. They deliver 4 sorrowful hymns here to make you mourn. First 2 songs are their typical tunes, very emotional and dramatic. When you listen to guitar solo of the end part of "As I Drowning In Loveless Rain", you can't control the grief rising in your mind. Next one "When The Weeping Dawn Beheld Its Mortal Thirst" brings you 10 minutes rest with beautiful acoustic guitar melodies. Then the last track "The Monad of Creation" starts in solemn mood. Gradually sorrowful emotions are unleashed, apocalypse comes to an end... Definitely, this is the new bible of mournful doom established by high musicianship!

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