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Hebosagil (Fin)
Colossal - CD

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Hebosagil (Fin) - Colossal - CD

Colossal is the word that is bludgeoned into your mind when Hebosagil's debut album forces itself out of your speakers and 43 minutes later you know you have experienced something colossal. This five-piece from Northern Finland boldly mold their colossus from diverse influences and elements, their approach ranging from slow, crushing doom to violent hardcore bursts and riff-heavy sludge, all forced through unhealthy doses of distortion and performed with fiercely rocking energy. "Colossal" includes 7 tracks perfectly showcasing Hebosagil's varied and uncompromising style, but most importantly everything has been tied together with excellent sense of songwriting and dynamics, complemented by the crushing production.
Will cause vibrations to fans of Electric Wizard, Sourvein, Godflesh, Autopsy, Eyehategod, Entombed and Moto¨rhead.

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