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Bosque (Por)
Nowhere - pro Cass

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Label : Dunkelheit
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Bosque (Por) - Nowhere - pro Cass

BOSQUE has become a name of significance when it comes to heavy occult music sounding like a wall of fog. Their new album, ‚Nowhere’, has this special grey mood to it, which is typical for BOSQUE: The guitars buzz lamenting riffs and are accompanied by vocals, which sometimes sound like an occult choir and sometimes like deep, tortured screams from the deep dungeons of hell.

‚Nowhere’ is something special: It was recorded completely analog and is brought to you without any digital mastering or mixing. The outcome is a very authentic sound, which underlines the exalted maturity and the unmistakable character of the music.

Dunkelheit releases ‚Nowhere’ on tape, limited to 100 white cassettes with black print. Every cassette comes with a download-code, that makes it possible to download the whole album in highest quality in the wished format. Every cassette comes with an exclusive poster in A3 size as additional bonus.

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