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Daedeloth (Chl)
Thy Will Be Done - digi-CD

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Daedeloth (Chl) - Thy Will Be Done - digi-CD

This is a very well intended doom metal band focused almost a hundred percent on Tolkien's works. The tunes are reminiscent of Anathema and bands alike. They do have something to them that represents them as an isolated band marking its own style, but in future releases efforts must be made in order to get rid of the various reminiscences and influences that stick out right away as the music reaches the experienced listener. Musically speaking, in my humble opinion, they deserve to be listened to while you are busy doing some house chores, studying, or arranging schedules for work. This is because there are barely any catchy passages worthy to be remembered. The bass guitar is quite interesting at times, but should be more dynamic and, most importantly, independent enough to really reach the scale of appreciation for the atmosphere they want to represent. The drumming work is acceptable, creative, and goes along the ambience. Nevertheless, the pace lacks coordination, maybe because the drummer, although enthusiastic in his task, may be inexperienced. The voice, on the other hand, lacks too much of strength. Although it is guttural, it is not profound as expected to be in any decent death/doom metal band. This is to such a degree that sometimes (especially in live performances) the singer's clean voice remnants are heard while singing guttural verses. Another IMPORTANT detail is the lyrical work; their English is rather poor, insomuch sometimes it takes being a Spanish speaker to find the sense meant and understand what they want to express. This is maybe due to the fact that the lyric writer just ignores the concept of linguistic style. On the other hand, they use the keyboard way too much. Nevertheless, merits are to be given to the keyboard player since as far as I know he never took keyboard lessons and all he knows he learned on his own. His great job is better appreciated in Afasia, another project he is involved with. I have seen this band live in my hometown and that is how I know about them. They also seem to be a pretty good Poema Arcanvs rip off. Anyway, in latter releases they did make a better effort than on "Thy Will be Done."

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