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Funeral Moth (Jpn)
transience - digi-CD

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Funeral Moth (Jpn) - transience - digi-CD

2nd album of Japanese extreme doom. This release will be the first appearance of their new bass player Ryo Amamiya after the departure of founding member, Nobuyuki Sento.
Following the path of their previous melodic and tranquil slow doom album "dense fog”, they added various experimentations into their song writing - for example, one of the songs is written in "Rondo" format traditionally used on classical composition. These new attempts have made their music become much more dramatic and complex.
Tremendous agony in which we suffer on our transient mortal life; feeling of loss, endless sorrow, sense of emptiness and remorse. This album is dedicated to the voiceless dead who had returned to the tranquil ocean with mortal agony.

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