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Sol (Dnk) / Begräbnis (Jpn)
split - digisleeve CD

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Sol (Dnk) / Begräbnis (Jpn) - split - digisleeve CD

Danish doom/drone Sol VS Japanese ambient/industrial doom Begräbnis.
Sol is a doom / drone band established by Emil Brahe in early 2000's, who have released many albums from various labels like Ván Records, Cold Spring records, Avantgarde Music etc... On this split, they deliver 2 songs. First song "Harvest" is a drone/doom style song with heavy guitar riffs and harsh growling vocals and eerie sounds. The other "Nest" is a much darker ambient song with weird voices. They also use instruments like viola, cello, saxophone, trombone, synth, which enhance the eerie atmosphere.
Begräbnis is back to Weird Truth again! They deliver approximately 15 minutes epic song here. Eerie theremin sounds, haunting voices, and combination of extremely heavy riffs and dismal melodies. You can find the same dark and ominous music here, which is much darker and more dismal than ever. Starting off with haunting theremin, then minimalistic eerie clean guitar and harsh voices guide you to the catastrophe of crushing heavy riffs.
If you are exploring in the realms of drone, doom, ambient, and all dark music to find the blackest, your journey is over. Come here and spin this silver disc of extreme darkness, and you'll find the blackest gems!

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