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Mortal Incarnation (Jpn)
Lunar Radiant Dawn - 10"

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Label : Sentient Ruin Laboratories
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Mortal Incarnation (Jpn) - Lunar Radiant Dawn - 10"

1st demo of Japanese death metal band. Originally, released as digital by themselves. CD version is released later by Japanese label Dead Sky Recordings. Then finally vinyl version is here! At first, I must say this is the masterpiece all death/doom freaks must listen to!!! Dark and heavy riffs combined with psychedelic clean part. It's not only dark and heavy, there are also some hope in their melodies. Obviously, diSEMBOWELMENT is their main influence. I can figure out some DUSK influences in their groovy mid-paced parts. With sorrowful melodies of the last part of A Dismal Propagation into Decay, my soul is transcending into somewhere beyond this mortal realm!!!!

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