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Astharoth (Pol)
Gloomy Experiments + Demos - 2CD

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Label : Dark Symphonies
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Astharoth (Pol) - Gloomy Experiments + Demos - 2CD

Polish technical thrash metal who had been active in late 80's and early 90's. This is the reissue of their 1st album and demos they released after the album. On the album, their style was technical thrash metal in the vein of Wolf Spider, Coroner, Voivod etc... Especially, their music reminds me of Wolf Spider, thrash metal with a lot of technical riffs and mid-high pitched half singing half screaming vocals.. After the album, they moved to San Francisco and they add more Bay-Area Thrash influences and became a little bit more catchy. Unfortunately, they moved their in bad timing and couldn't get deal for sophomore album then disbanded in 1994. Anyway, this is one of the gem in early 90's thrash metal!

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