In Darkness We Are Doomed vol. 4 | Weird Truth Productions

In Darkness We Are Doomed vol. 4

Lifeblood 1st album "Shattered Wishes" release gig

Date : October 3rd 2015
Venue : Nakano Heavysick Zero(
16:30 OPEN / 17:00 START

Lifeblood (depressive black/doom)
Funeral Sutra (atmospheric black metal)
Oozepus (heavy junk doom)
Funeral Moth (extreme doom)

Ticket : adv. 1,800yen / door 2,000yen (+ drink fee 500yen)

for advance ticket, please send mesage from here
Or please visit this facebook event page and press "going" button.

After they formed in 2013, Tokyo depressive black/doom band Lifeblood have played a lot of gigs around Tokyo area. They combine depressive black metal elements, sorrowful doom elements and some prpgressive elements, and crafted their own style. In September 2015, they'll release 1st album "Shattered Wishes" from Weird Truth Productions, which is known for its extreme doom releases like Worship, Mournful Congregation etc...

This time, they share the stage with 3 Japanese underground extreme bands. Funeral Sutra, who plays atmospheric black metal and featuring ex-member of Cohol. Oozepus, sho plays junk heavy doom featuring members from Coffins, Linekraft, Albiorix Requiem. And extreme doom band Funearl Moth, for them this is the firs time to play with new bass player.

Feast of 4 underground dark and grim bands. Come to Nakano and you shall be doomed!


17:00〜17:35 Funeral Moth
17:55〜18:30 Oozepus
18:50〜19:25 Funeral Sutra
19:45〜20:25 Lifeblood

WT046 Lifeblood - Shattered Wishes - digiCD

Shattered Wishes - digiCD

Out on 20th September
1st album of Japanese depressive black/doom trio, who started their activities in 2013 to create slow and depressive music. Their music combines depressive black metal, doom metal and some progressive elements. Having performed a number of gigs in Tokyo, they established their own style and recorded these 8 tracks of melancholy and depression.

Funeral Sutra bandcamp

Oozepus soundcloud

Funeral Moth bandcamp


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