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In Darkness We Are Doomed vol.6

In Darkness We Are Doomed vol.6

Date : Octover 24th 2018
Venue : El Puente, Nishiyokohama(El Puente facebook page)
18:00 OPEN / 19:00 START

Drawn and Quartered (death metal/USA)
Monolithe (doom metal/FRANCE)
Petrification (death metal/USA)

Charge : 2,000yen

DRAWN AND QUARTERED. US, Seattle, Washington based Death Metal band since 1993.
The name of band is taken from the most cruel medieval execution called "Hanged, Drawn and Quartered".
Their sound is heavily influenced by IMMOLATION and INCANTATION and more blasting, brutalized then darkened very much. Before Asakusa deathfest 2018, DRAWN AND QUARTERED is Satanic and torturous Death Metal that you all must get burned by hellfire!

Monolithe is French doom band who established in 2001. They've released 7 full length album so far and all of them are extraordinary. For example, their first 4 albums contain only 1 song, and all of them are over 50 minutes! They continue expanding the horizon of doom with its progressiveness and experimentations. This is the last show of their first Japan tour and you shall be doomed by their sonic wave of doom!

US, Portland, Oregon based Death Metal band formed by former WAR MASTER guitarist Tom Roberts in 2014.
Band's sound has obvious influence from dirty old-school Swedish Death Metal's razor riffs that extremely banged your head.
PETRIFICATION's old-school gory and butchered Death Metal sound will absolutely delight fans of AUTOPSY, NIHILIST and GRAVE!
Before Asakusa deathfest 2018, You heavy Old-School Death Metal fans get mad on gory sound!


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