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Profetus - As All Seasons Die - digi-CD

WT042 Profetus - As All Seasons Die - digi-CD
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As All Seasons Die
Release Date
20th July 2014
1st press / 1,500 copies

New EP from Finnish funeral doom master. As the title represents, this EP is including 4 tracks based on every season. The song of Autumn, which is the gloomiest season, "Dead are Our Leaves of Autumn" feature guest appearance from Mournful Congregation's Justin Hartwig. As all seasons die, they bring you to the land of gloom and bleakness...

Track List

1. The Rebirth of Sorrow
2. A Reverie(Midsummer's Dying Throes)
3. Dead Are Our leaves of Autumn
4. The Dire Womb of Winter


Lords of Metal
ech(((o)))es and dust
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Ave Noctum
Metal Observer
Terrible Certainty
Invisible Oranges
The Metal Crypt
Chronicles of Chaos
Funeral Wedding
Soul Grinder Zine


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1. Perhaps, this is the first time to make an interview for Japanese listener. So please tell us biography of Profetus briefly first.
Ok, a long story short :
We have been performing this rare form of extreme doom, called “Funeral Doom” since 2006.
As we are a Finnish band, we started to make music in the deep underground tradition that Finland possesses, with the bands like Skepticism, Unholy and Thergothon, all rooted back in the beginning of the nineties.

First work was a demo tape called “Saturnine”, limited to only 200 copies. Even though it was a demo, and even a cassette format, I did reach worldwide attention in Europe, USA and Japan.
Next work on the same saga was a full-lenght called “Coronation of the Black Sun” in 2009, and it was a press of 1,000 cds.
It was kind of outline to Profetus’s form Funeral Doom for the first time to a bit bigger audience.
When “Coronation” was released, we started to play active live in clubs and festivals, and organized gigs to various Doom bands of the same genre, like Mournful Congregation, Longing for Dawn, Tyranny and Mourning Beloveth.
In 2011 was the time of our next work, “ Open the Passages in Dusk”. During we signed to Japanese Weird Truth productions who had gained reputation in Europe and had supported us since the demo days...

The press was bigger, and the album itself was a certain landmark for what we sound today, as we had made everything in the production 100% ourselves, after this work we were really looking at something that would be called the “Profetus sound”.
“Passages” was also released in vinyl by American label “Contagion Records” and we also played our first festival gig outside Finland at that time.
In summer 2013 we ran on situation of one founding member leaving the band permanently, and new guys were added to support the Profetus tradition.
We recorded the new album, based on Finnish nature called “As All Seasons Die”.
It is more experimental album, and fresh spill of new ideas rising from the ashes of old Profetus works, yet serving as tribute to Skepticism and Thergothon on nature-wedded subjects, Finnish melancholy and bitterness.
The 1,500 copies of cd is again released by Weird Truth and vinyl by Finnish SVART records, 500 copies.

2. At the beginning, Profetus used guitar, drums, organ and vocal only, and didn’t use any bass. Most of doom bands regard bass as the most important instrument to enhance low frequency. Why you didn’t use bass? Perhaps, you chose the same path of pioneer of Finnish doom, Skepticism and Thergoton?
Exactly. Leaving out the bass guitar and using more synth was the only way to get the sound that we wanted. First it was difficult to find a good balance on instruments live and recordings, but it has also been a part of our musical development so to say.

3. Let’s talk about new EP “As All Seasons Die”. This EP contains 4 songs and each songs are based on each season from Spring to Winter. In general, doom bands write about Autumn/Winter in their lyrics because it’s the most depressive season. For example, The June Frost of Mournful Congregation, Autumnal Fire of Mourning Beloveth etc... It’s rare for doom bands to make the songs for Spring/Summer. In Finland, is Spring and Summer also depressive season?
I would say on this record, these four seasons reflect the various sides of Profetus :
You can find calm and not that mellow parts in the very beginning of the album, where the story tells about the birth of the nature goddess, spring.
and it gets bleaker and bleaker, and story ends to a total misery, the dire womb of winter and a poetic picture of goddesses’ grave hidden in snow.

4. And this time, you added baritone guitar player M.Makela. It makes your sound much more heavier and bigger than ever. You’ll add bass player in the future to enhance low frequency much more, or is it enough with baritone guitar?
I asked M.Makela to Profetus create the same kind of utter heaviness that’s existent in his earlier bands, Tyranny and Wormphlegm. He is a creative musician and uses his special, powerful sound well in Profetus too, he also shares the vocal duties live.

5. The image of nature in the packaging of “As All Seasons Die”, is in monochrome. Is the color of every seasons faded by doomed mind?
Yes. I’m picturing here a endpoint of life, where all seasons melt into each other, creating this monochromatic picture which is ran out of colors, representing the death of nature.

6. Are there any anecdotes during the recording of “As All Seasons Die”?
It was recorded in the log cabin in the middle of the forest, where we built the studio. There was about 2 kilometres to nearest neighbor and hardly any roads!
We where also bothered by thunderstorms, electricity breaks, it was crazy!

7. How’s about live performance? Do you have any plans for gig/tour to promote the EP? And can we expect to see your show in Japan in the future?
Yes! Today I got a offer about Roadburn festival in Holland, and probably we are planning for Moscow Doom Days too!
There will be also some gigs in our home country later in autumn, and maybe a secret album release gig in the forest, hahah!
Playing in Japan would be one of our dreams because of the very devoted audience! I also admire your culture, it’s very similar to Finland in many ways, hopefully it`s possible some day!

8. Any last words for the doomed ones in Japan?
Check out “As all Seasons Die” on Weird Truth productions!
And remember, life is too short for Doom...



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