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Hyponic - 前行者 - CD

WT048 Hyponic - 前行者 - digisleeve CD
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digisleeve CD
Release Date
August 10th 2016
1,000 copies

11 years after the release of their 2nd album "The Noise of Time", Hong Kong extreme doom/death master Hyponic finally unleash their 3rd album "前行者" to the doomed land in their 20th anniversary year. There are a lot of absurdities, injustice in this world of mortal life. This album shows us the vast darkness of our society.

The music on this album is in the same field of extreme doom/death which you can find on their previous album, nihilistic doomed riffs, subtle melancholic melodies, and gloomy atmospheric ambient parts. Perhaps, funeral doom/death is the easiest word to describe their music, but their unique ambient guitar works and song writing is much more than that. Feel the darkest depth of human absurdities.

Track List

1. 前行者
2. 誅滅零八
3. 最後陳述
4. 寧劈不回
5. 飄流
6. Intro

Hyponic Biography

HYPONIC was formed in 1996 in Hong Kong. Their debut album "Black Sun", an Independent Release in 2001, was well received by underground metal magazines and websites. Following the success of "Black Sun", the Band's second album, "The Noise of Time", was released in 2005 by Obskure Sombre Records, Canada, with an Asian version released by AreaDeath Production (ADP), Beijing later same year. "The Noise of Time" had gained the Band even greater international exposure and proven that the Band’s uniqueness was established. 

Other than the 2 album, HYPONIC had also released 2 singles, "Metamorphosis" in 2002 and "The Philosopher" in 2004. "Metamorphosis" was included in several compilations released in China, Thailand, India, etc. While "The Philosopher" is a DEATH cover, included in the tribute album, "Unforgotten Past" released by ADP. The Band paid their last respect to late Mr. Chuck Schuldiner through this doom version of "The Philosopher". 

In 2011, 10 years after Black Sun was released, the album was re-issued in LP format under Beijing Psychedelic Lotus Order. This also become part of the Chinese Metal Classic Series Project carried out by the Label with a few significant classic albums in the Chinese Metal History re-issued in LP format.

HYPONIC had played in Music Festivals such as Formoz Taipei 2001 and Beijing Midi Music Festival 2006. In May 2006, the Band had also completed the very first Extreme Metal Tour in China by performing in eight cities in the Mainland.

2016 is the 20th anniversary of the Band. The long waited third album "前行者" is finally coming soon this year under Weird Truth Productions Japan.

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