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Crypt of Silence - Awareness Ephemera - CD

WT050 Crypt of Silence - Awareness Ephemera - CD
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Crypt of Silence
Awareness Ephemera
Release Date
January 25th 2017
1st press / 500 copies
co-reelase with Solitude Productions

Sophomore album of Ukraine doom metal band Crypt of Silence. As good as their 2014 album "Beyond Shades", they are still playing classic riff-oriented doom metal tinted with death metal in its purest form! With majestic guitar riffs combined with sorrowful melodies, atmohperic clean guitars, mid-paced powerful drumming and deep growling vocals, they crafted 4 hymns of melancholy.

"Awareness Ephemera" evokes sorrow in your doomed mind and you'll drift on their ocean of melancholia.

Track List

1. Longest Winter
2. Insignificant Sense
3. Life Passed By
4. Meridian

Crypt of Silence Biography

Doom-Death Metal from Ukraine It was created in 2009 by Mikhael Graver (Bass Guitar, vox) and Igor Kim (rhythm Guitar) as a Studio-project "Duskart". After recording "Shadows at the wall", the single, at home studio in 2010, they made decision to invite Roman Komyati (solo guitar), Andriy Buchynskyi (drumms) and change their musical direction from studio project with dirt/black/drone doom metal to the full value band with more expressive Classic Doom/Death sound. After such huge changes the band decided to change its name to "Crypt Of Silence". In 2011, Igor left the band and became their manager. His position was occupied by Roman Kharandyuk . In 2015 he left too. Since then and up to the present, the band's rhythm guitarist is Vitaliy Kaigorodtsev. Crypt Of Silence had participated in just few gigs until that time, and already shared the stage with Mourning Beloveth, Kauan and Shape Of Despair. For now Band release their debut album "Beyond Shades" (Solitude Productions) in spring 2014.

On October 28, 2016, CRYPT OF SILENCE released their debut music video for "Meridian"
Meanwhile, the track also appeared as a digital single from the upcoming second full-size album "Awareness Ephemera".
"Meridians" single consists of two shortened versions of the song: the first one from the music video, the second the album one. The full-size album will include the complete track "Meridian", with over 16 min duration.

In December 2016, they finally release sophomore album "Awareness Ephemera" (Solite Productions / Weird Truth Productons). Available from Weird Truth in January 2017.


Crypt of Silence bandcamp
Crypt of Silence facebook page


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