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Imindain - The Enemy Of Fetters And The Dweller In The Woods - CD

WT053 Imindain - The Enemy Of Fetters And The Dweller In The Woods - CD
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The Enemy Of Fetters And The Dweller In The Woods
Release Date
April 12th 2017
1st press / 600 copies

In 2007, Imindain released 1st album "...And the Living Shall Envy the Dead" through Weird Truth Productions. In 2009, they released split CD with French doom/daeth Ataraxie, "Bethlehem Bastarde" as a tribute to German dark metal master "Bethlehem". After the release of the split, they had went on hiatus for some years. Finally in 2017, they came back with new EP "The Enemy of Fetters and Dweller in the Woods" as their final breath. Deep growling vocal and sorrowful clean vocal. Melancholic melodies and intense doom/death riffs. Combining light and darkness, they crafted mournful requiem of doom/death. Including the cover of mighty diSEMBOWELMENT.

Track List

1. To Meditate Upon the Face of Forgotten Death
2. The Final Godhead
3. A Paean to the Vermin
4. Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores(diSEMBOWELMENT cover)

Imindain Biography

Imindain was born into the world in 2002 with the dedication to the old ways of Anathema, diSEMBOWELMENT, Thergothon and Bethlehem. An obsidian trinity of Doom/Death, Funeral and Black Metal was expressed in 2006 on the three track demo MONOLITHIUM with a savage dementia and melancholy that was appreciated with in the underground.

A debut album "...And The Living Shall Envy The Dead" was recorded for Weird Truth Productions and Ostra Records in 2007. This album expanded upon the apocalyptic nihilism of the demo with three new tracks along with rerecordings of "Buried Room", "Black Water" and "This Empty Flesh". Rare live gigs were played with such bands as Warning, Ataraxie, Esoteric culminating in slots at the Dutch Doom Days Festival and Doom Over The World in Paris.

A final recording - Bethlehems Bastarde was made with French band Ataraxie as a tribute to German legends - Bethlehem, each band covering a track from the Dictius Te Necare album plus new tracks written channeling the spirit of Bethlehem. At this point Imindain ceased to exist as quickly as it came into being with members scattered into other bands. As time evolved however the cult didnt die with the bands demise and in 2017 Imindain return with one last misanthropic scream at the world with The Enemy Of Fetters And The Dweller In The Woods. Three tracks inspired by total alienation from the human race in its fetid, death throes and the possibility of transcendance and eventual retreat.

And again Imindain shall cease to exist...."


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