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Beneath Oblivion - The Wayward and the Lost - digi-CD

WT054 Beneath Oblivion - The Wayward and the Lost - digi-CD
cat. number
Beneath Oblivion
The Wayward and the Lost
Release Date
March 27th 2018
1st press / 600 copies

Doom/sludge band Beneath Oblivion from Ohio/US was formed in 2003. In 2018, they release doomed 3rd album produced by Billy Anderson who's known for producing many doom albums. Behind the sonic walls of oppressing doom/sludge riffs, sorrowful melodies toch the depth of your soul. Both screams and deep growl dig out the despair in their hearts. 5songs/65minutes of doom with the melancholy of rusted life!

Track List

1. The City, A Mousolem (My Tomb)
2. Liar's Cross
3. The Wayward and the Lost
4. Savior - Nemesis - Remember

Beneath Oblivion Biography

Beneath Oblivion is a band which started in 2003, recorded a demo in 2004, self- released their first full-length record 'Existence Without Purpose,' in 2006, released their split 10" record with Sin of Angels through 43rd Parallel Records in 2007, and released their self titled 10" record through Mylene Sheath Records in 2009, Released a 7" split with Angel Eyes in 2011, released FMtD on 2xLP in 2011 through the Mylene Sheath.

Since releasing From Man to Dust, and touring in support of it the following four years, B.O. have self-released cassettes in small runs to sell on tour. Some recordings will never see the light of day, some are out there in very limited numbers on compilations and DIY tour cassettes. Sometimes there's even a super die-hard edition with an extra item they might have thrown in there. Make sure you check your copy before you cross any borders.

In Nov 2015 the band hit the road for a lengthy West Coast/Southwest tour on which they joined up with producer/ engine-Ear Billy Anderson for a week in the studio. What they captured was the best low end with depressive melodies they'd ever known. Much slower, and much heavier than ever. The next year was spent recording drones, keys and noise as well as other projects at home with Andy Perkins once again, while sending them back to Billy Anderson for mixing. And since B.O. took their time with mixing, it would only make sense to spend at least a few months listening to Andy Perkin's masters. If the band feels it's sonically good enough to compare against all of their favorite albums, it must be time for the rest of the doom world to hear. This long awaited album titled "The Wayward and the Lost," is going to seriously fuck you up!


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