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Mournful Congregation - The Incubus of Karma - CD

WT055 Mournful Congregation - The Incubus of Karma - CD
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Mournful Congregation
The Incubus of Karma
digisleeve CD
Release Date
March 23rd 2018
1st press / 600 copies
US version is released by 20 Buck Spin.
European version is released by Osmose Productions.

Since they started their activities in 1993, Australian extreme doom band Mournful Congregation have released many iconic albums in the genre. About 6 years after they released previous album "The Book of Kings", they unleash 5th album with new drummer Tim Call(ex-Aldebaran) who played on 2014 EP "Concrescence of the Sophia" and have played in a lot of shows. The layered harmonies are much richer than ever. The rhythm is extremely slow but it's also dynamic. And half growling/half whispering vocal tell mournful tales of doom. Dive into 80 minutes of gloomy nightmare crafted by Aussie doom giants! The Incubus of Karma is upon you...

Track List

1. The Indwelling Ascent
2. Whispering Spiritscapes
3. The Rubaiyat
4. The Incubus Of Karma
5. Scripture Of Exaltation And Punishment
6. A Picture Of The Devouring Gloom Devouring The Spheres Of Being


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