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Daybreak - Philosophia I - CD

wt057 Daybreak - Philosophia I - CD
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Philosophia I
digisleeve CD
out on September 20th 2019
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September 20th 2019
1st press / 500 copies

Daybreak was formed in 2000 by the members of Australian pagan black metal band Samain who had released an album in 1995. They released 1st EP in 2002 but stopped their activities soon after. In 2013, they re-started and finished this 1st album "Philosophia I" in 2017. The concept of this album is based on the books of Nietzsche, and musically it's really majestic extreme doom that meant to be. Slow rhythm and sorrowful harmonies like waves on vast ocean. Growls from the depth of eternal saddness. Feel an hour of the doomed philosophy!

Track List

1. The Cyclopes of Culture
2. Beyond Good and Evil
3. On Truth and Lies
4. On Philosophy


Australian doom metal band Daybreak started in 2000 inspired by key members Heath Adams and Warren Hately’s love for existential philosophers such as Nietzsche and Camus.

Adams and Hately were sick of image-conscious metal – and also writing lyrics – and drew on Continental philosophers for their vocal lines instead.

Supported by Garth Adams (bass) and drummer Mark Boeyen, in 2002 Daybreak produced the mini-opus EP The Madman based on Nietzsche’s tract of the same name.

Hately and Boeyen worked together in Celtic black metal band Sámain, best known for the 1995 album Indomitus.

Daybreak’s 2002 offering laid a strong foundation for future Daybreak projects, but life – including children, and moving for work as a teacher (Adams) and journalist (Hately) – put further collaborations on hold.

In the interim, Hately completed his doctorate in Philosophy with a focus on semiotic theory and the philosophy of language, while Adams cemented his career as a senior teacher.

Revisiting their work in 2013, Adams and Hately decided to go it alone with new Daybreak material drawing exclusively from Nietzsche’s writings, particularly Beyond Good and Evil.

For the album project, Hately took over drum duties, aiming for an even doomier pace, while continuing in the twin guitar attack with Adams, also responsible for bass compositions.

Philosophia I was thereafter born.

An hour-long album recorded with Joel Taylor in Melbourne’s esteemed Black Lodge studio, Philosophia I consists of four 15-minute tracks pushing the doom envelope by exploring unconventional riff structures to put a fresh edge on a classic funereal doom offering.


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