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Majestic Downfall - Waters Of Fate - CD

WT058 Majestic Downfall - Waters Of Fate - CD
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Majestic Downfall
Waters Of Fate
Release Date
January 18th 2019
1st press / 1,000 copies
co-release with Solitude Productions

Mexican doom band Majestic Downfall was founded in 2006 by Jacobo Córdova, ex-member of Antiqua who had been active in 90's. They've released 4 albums so far and some splits under several labels like Pulverized Records, Chaos Records, My Kingdom Music and so on. In 2018, teaming up with Solitude Productions again, Weird Truth unleash their 5th album into doomed world! Majestic heavy riffs combined with sorrowful melodies, which embrace your empty soul. They'll take you to 52 minutes journey to doomed ocean! Mixing and mastering were done by Swedish Necromorbus Studios who's known for numerous works of underground metal stuffs. This Japanese / Russian version is including bonus track.

Track List

1. Veins
2. Waters of Fate
3. Contagious Symmetry
4. Spore
5. Collapsed Pitch Black
6. Waters of Faith (Bonus Track)


After playing for more than 10 years in Mexico´s ANTIQUA, a Death/Doom band that toured all over Mexico. Jacobo decided to part ways with the band and form a new Doom Metal project called MAJESTIC DOWNFALL. MAJESTIC DOWNFALL started as a One Man Doom journey in August of 2006. The idea was to recapture the feeling of the 90s European Death/Doom Metal scene, while mixing it with some more modern Metal overtones. In 2007, MAJESTIC DOWNFALL pressed its first demo titled - The First Abyss Demo 2007 - and it contained 3 songs of Melodic yet Mournful Doom with a playing time of 24 minutes. This demo was later released by Solitude Productions in a split CD, with Italian Black/Doom Metal band Ansia.

On April 6th, 2009, Majestic Downfall released its debut full-lenght, Temple of Guilt, via My Kingdom Music in Europe and Concreto/Personal Records in America. This time the music contained a darker edge full of sorrow, and new influences from bands like Shining and Forgotten Tomb. Temple of Guilt certainly placed Majestic Downfall in the Doom/Dark Metal scene.

2011 saw the release of The Blood Dance album which contained 7 sorrowful passages with an even darker edge than Temple of Guilt. Production wise the sound was thicker and more mature. It was released once again by My Kingdom Music and the American version by Chaos Records.

The Three album was released in 2013 and this time the sound contained even more experimentation in the music but without staying too far away from the bands musical Roots.

2014 saw the band releasing a split with Australians The Slow Death which was released by Chaos Records and the band catapulted in the Death/Doom Metal underground.

2015 sees the release of “…When Dead”, an album that is not only the bands most diverse output incorporating lots of influences outside Doom Metal, but that also and for the first time has an important backing label which is none other than undergrounds mighty Pulverized Records, this leading to a much wider audience.

In 2018, they release their 5th album "Water of Fate". Its European / Asian veersion will be released by Solitude Productions and Weird Truth Productions, American version will be released by Chaos Records.


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