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Sinister Downfall - Eremozoic - CD

WT059 Sinister Downfall - Eremozoic - CD
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Sinister Downfall
Release Date
November 28th 2018
1st press / 500 copies
Co-release with Funere

Funeral doom project founded in 2016 by German musician Eugen Kohl,who's known for the works in black metal bands like Donarhal, Nihilisticon, Nihilisticon, etc. 1st album "Eremozic" is released by Japanese Weird Truth and Armenian new label Funere. Extremely heavy riffs cloaked in ebony hoods, sorrowful synthesizer sound, and deep growling vocals guide you to the realm of depsiar. This is funeral doom that meant to be! There are no hope, no light, just solemn funereal emptiness here! Join the funeral march to be doomed!

Track List

1. Dark Veil
2. Way to Nothingness
3. Ashes of Time
4. Where Solitude Preveils


Sinister Downfall is a German Funeral Doom Band of the sole founder and only band member Eugen Kohl, who himself is mainly active in the field of black metal (his projects include Donarhall, Nihilisticon and others) and heavy doom metal (Donarhall, Nihilisticon).
Eugen is responsible for the entire songwriting and for all instruments. He is also doing the mixing and mastering of all his work.
Since the founding of Sinister Downfall in 2016, an intensive phase of inspiration and collection of ideas followed, which resulted in the debut album "Eremozoic". It's released in 2018 by the labels Funere / Weird Truth.

The promising debut album of the German funeral doom band Sinister Downfall called "Eremozoic" devours you into its own world full of melancholic hymns and the sound of death of all life for 40 minutes. Each of the four songs places a granite tombstone for life. Like a black shroud, the heavy riffs cover you with the dark cold and bring you a new era of a kingdom of infinite darkness, sorrow and lifelessness. Eugen Kohl, the only member of the band is also known from bands Donarhall, Nihilisticon, Urschmerz and Death Carrier. For fans of Bell Witch, Doom:VS, Funeral Tears, Remembrance, Shape Of Despair, Slow, Clouds, etc.


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