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Yawning Void - Streams Within - CD

wt062 Yawning Void - Streams Within - CD
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Yawning Void
Streams Within
digisleeve CD
out on September 20th 2019
Release Date
September 20th 2019
1st press / 1,000 copies

Yawning Void was formed in 2016 by the members of Solothus, Sepulchral Curse etc... from Turku/Finland. CD version of their 1st album "Streams Within" is released by Weird Truth in 2019. Mid-paced drumming sinking into the depth of deep water. Bass line is generally straightforward doom/death one but sometimes their bass player doesn't hesitate to show off his ability of bass playing. Their music is based on classic doom/death but they also add some black metal elements. Eerie atmosphere created by keyboard. Solemn and majestic mood and subtle sorrowful melodies. Doomed sound echo in the deep void!

Track List

1. Hearts Like Abyss
2. Melaina Kholee
3. Ouroborean
4. Kalmoranta
5. Aequor - The Benthic Bodies


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