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Assumption - Mosaic of the Distant Dominion - CD

wt063 Assumption - Mosaic of the Distant Dominion - CD
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Mosaic of the Distant Dominion
digisleeve CD
out on September 20th 2019
Release Date
September 20th 2019
1st press / 500 copies

Italian doom/death band Assumption made a great impact in doom/death scene with their 1st full-length album "Absconditus" released in 2018. Their 1st demo originaly released in 2012 is re-issued as digisleeve-CD format now! As you may guess from their logo, their main influence is mighty diSEMBOWELMENT without doubt. There are also Pink-FLoyd-esque psychedelic elements in their music. At this time, they used not only deep low growl but also Pestilence/Obituary style hysteric vocal. Compared to their latter stuffs, the songs are much more death metal. Anyway, this is the 1st page of the history of this Italian doom/death band!

Track List

1. A Suspended Commemoration
2. Deity
3. Choir 4
4. Mosaic of the Distant Dominion


Assumption were created in Palermo, Italy, 2011 by Giorgio and David of Haemophagus and formerly of Undead Creep, Morbo etc. to worship the altar doom death metal.

Initially started as a studio-project with David on drums and Giorgio on vocals and instruments, Assumption have nonetheless managed to set up a live line-up throughout the years, sharing stages with bands such as Esoteric, Demilich, Sub Rosa and so on.

The band's current live line-up is completed by Claudio Troise (Gravesite, Ancient Cult, Bland Vargar ecc.) on bass and Matija Dolinar (Teleport, Escarnium) on lead guitar.

After the release in 2012 of the "Mosaic of the Distant Dominion" demo (Cd in DVD case by Decrepit prods., tape by Unholy Domain recs.) and of the "The Three Appearances" MCD (printed on CD by Terror From Hell/Elektroplasma records), Assumption are about to unleash their first full-length album "Absconditus" through Everlasting Spew Records (cd, vinyl) and Sentient Ruin Laboratories (tape, vinyl)

"Absconditus" stands as the sonic of proof of Assumption's psychedelic approach to doom death metal, where visionary, Floyd-esque sections are combined with extremely heavy, downtempo riffs in the vein of pioneers like diSEMBOWELMENT, Winter, Sorrow, Evoken or early Paradise Lost.

[ Influences
Our founts of inspiration include bands like Winter, diSEMBOWELMENT, Esoteric, Dusk (Wisconsin), Thergothon, Sorrow, Autopsy, Delirium, Coffins, Rippikoulu, Skepticism, Moss, Indesinence, Evoken, the early years of ALL the Peaceville doom lords, Sempiternal Deathreign, early Morgion, Neurosis, Unburied (FIN), Eternal Darkness (SWE), Ataraxie, Thy Sinister Bloom, Ceremonium, Melvins, Asbestosdeath, Skepticism, Thy Grief Eternal, Symphony of Grief, Trouble, Revelation, Candlemass, Hooded Menace, Decomposed (british greats), Transgressor/Anatomia, Pink Floyd, Dead Can Dance, Khanate, Equimanthorn, Hawkwind, early November's Doom, very early Paramaecium, early Cathedral, Funeral (Swe), YOB, Noothgrush, Magus...


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