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Lifeblood - Melancholic Euphoria - CD

wt070 Lifeblood - Melancholic Euphoria - digiCD
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Melancholic Euphoria
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September 29th 2021
500 copies

Japanese depressive metal band founded in 2013. Weird Truth released their 1st album "Shattered Wishes" in 2015. They actively play a lot of shows in Tokyo area with other Japanese extreme metal bands like Anatomia, Begräbnis, Funeral Moth etc... In 2019, they released split CD with Colombian black metal band Coldnight from Japanese label Zero Dimensional Records. 6 years after 1st full-length, they teamed up with Weird Truth again and release 2nd album "Melancholic Euphoria". Musically, it's following the same path of the previous album. Guitar riffs are very simple but effectively create a sorrowful atmosphere. Bass is the another instruments draw melodies along with minimal drumming. Vocal is mainly deep growl but on this album they add some operatic clean voice. It's sure that the basis of their music is depressive black/doom, but "black metal" elements is very subtle and it's more depressive rock/metal rather than black metal.

Track List

1. Melancholic Euphoria
2. Fading into Oblivion
3. Inner Devastation
4. Obscure Thoughts of Suicide
5. Into the Woods...
6. Ruined, Depraved and Devastated
7. Wailing on the Blackened Earth
8. Ostentation and Decadence


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