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Miasma Death - 沈 Reflection in the Dark Water - CD

wt073 Miasma Death - 沈 Reflection in the Dark Water - CD
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Miasma Death
沈 Reflection in the Dark Water
Release Date
May 29th 2024
500 copies

Japanese black/doom band featuring the members from Japanese extreme metal bands such as Zombie Ritual, Lifeblood, Galga Falmul, Unholy Grave and so on. They started their activities in 2015 and have released some demos, split and EP. This is their 1st album released in 2024. Mid-tempo based crawling drumming combined with minimal dark melodies with subtle melodies. Mixture of male growls and eerie female clean vocal. You shall be dragged into the depth of dark water by their blackened doom!!

Track List

1. 花 Scent of the Memories Gone
2. 汀 The Shore of a Dim Dream
3. 光 Blind to the Light
4. 落 Falling from the Bridge in Fog
5. 渦 Drawn into the Vortex Silent
6. 蛇 The Serpent of the Moon and the Sun
7. 昏 To the Mountains of Twilight


TxUx started the band with Japanese underground metal veterans.
in 2015, they released 2 demos "Black Metal Miasma" and "Abysmal, Miasmal" by themselves.
in 2017, Deathrash Armageddon released 7" EP "Miasma death".
in 2019, Zero Dimensional Records released split CD with Japanese black metal band Cataplexy.
in 2024, Weird Truth Productions release 1st full length album.

[ the lineup on this album ]
TxUx (Bass:Galga Falmul, Crucem、Her Vomit is Modern..., ex-Confused Mind)
SxAx (Guitar:Lifeblood、Swazönd、Sungoddess)
TxYx (Drums:Guevnna、Unholy Grave, Vektor, ex-屍)
SxYx (Vocal:Zombie Ritual, 怒号, ex-凶音, ex-SSORC)
MxMx (Vocal:ex-Stabat Mater)


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